Welcome to Anatomy of a Feminist: The Game! 

To discover more about the feminist body and what makes it tick, we broke down the primary organs, which in a feminist’s body are much larger than normal, and the reasons they’ve been activated so often. Here you can find a series of stickers that you can place in the following pages on the body. Try to connect the right organ to the reason it’s over-active. At the end of the book, you will find the solutions and see if you answered correctly. Ready?

For patriarchy-haters of all ages. In school, we learn about anatomy, but we never talk about the role the patriarchy has on a feminist’s anatomy. Until now. Introducing, The Anatomy of a Feminist: The Game! Fun, fun, fun for women and allies of all ages that is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and stare blankly into the wall across the room as you evaluate whether the men in your life have been complicit in perpetuating an oppressive patriarchal value system at your expense as long as you’ve been alive. Perfect for family get-togethers or Sunday brunch!