I illustrated this custom mural for Capricho Cafe in Amsterdam, in December 2019.

Capricho Cafe and I, also came up with a concept for an Exhibition called “Mindful Outlook” in June 2020

This initiative began after a conversation concerning what we could do to help restaurants, artists, and freelancers to recover from the hit of the COVID-19 situation. We came up with the idea of having a gallery show inside Capricho Cafe and creating a community to support our creative community. Every three weeks a different artist will be showcasing their work which is available for purchasing. I was the first artist for the period of 1st-21st of June to showcase my work.

I Also built their website from and existing template that Aaron, the owner of Capricho cafe, had built few months before, and done all of their menu and social media. You can find the website at: