Love is a terrible thing to hate


Growing up queer is an alienating experiences. For those of us like me who grew up in small towns, we spent most of our adolescence hiding who we were to conform to a society that repeatedly reinforced the idea that being gay was not ok.

Coming out and finding your community feels like discovering a whole galaxy of other aliens like you who love and accept you as you are, when the whole time you thought only your planet existed. This piece is a celebration of that feeling – being unapologetically yourself, out loud, in as many spaces as you can, surrounded by a loving, vibrant and proud community.

If someone had told my 8 year old self that one day I’d be asked to paint on walls (many times) and get celebrated for it, she would have laughed and left the room.

If someone had told my 15 year old self that I would find a place where I didn’t feel that something was wrong with me for being gay, that I would be surrounded by other aliens like me celebrating our vibrant galaxies together, she would have said “yeah right” and left the room (I was a moody teenager).

Having the honor to paint this Pride mural at @wkamsterdam was beyond a life bucket list thing and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

My wish for all the other aliens in this world is that none of them will feel that they are alone, no matter where they are, or how hard it gets. You will find your people. They will let you be who you are, and not just that, they will celebrate you for it.