I had the privilege of working at Amsterdam-based Brewery Oedipus for six months as an illustration intern, and subsequently as a freelancer.

In that time, I designed this beer packaging concept for Oedipus’ Grisette with Brett beer. I was challenged to recreate the Californian swimming pool vibe of David Hockney’s paintings. I used a marbling technique as for the base of the design, then collaged illustrated elements and digitally retouched it to create the final product.

While I was at Oedipus, we celebrated Fresh Beer Friday each week to highlight the most important beer of the week. Each week, I shot, designed, and retouched graphic elements to create the content you see below.

Oedipus Brewery has its own illustrated brand alphabet and its own DJ team (it was every bit as fun to work there as it sounds). Using the design elements from the alphabet, I created the Oedipus DJ team’s visual identity for their party at Amsterdam venue OT301.

The brewery often had pop-up dining events. I made the sketches below for two of those events.

I created these poster and social media posts for the second edition of Oedipus’s AHA! party using design elements from the original identity made by Victor Brangolo.