Hi! I am Astrid, a visual designer & Illustrator based in Amsterdam and I love to make beautiful work with my hands.

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Commercial design


Team Talk (It lives as an Instagram Story on Intersport’s running channel)
Intersport wanted to create badges as a template format for interviews and questions they could change and adapt to all their markets. 

Other Campaigns: Click in the photo below to see all the other intersport projects



Art Direction & Branding

Designing the visual identity for AIxDESIGN was a unique, fun challenge because the templates I created would be used by every member of the AIxDESIGN team, none of whom are graphic designers. To ensure the design system was distinct, but still flexible and easy to use for the whole team, I created multiple modular elements, each of which are unique, but leave plenty of negative space to make them as flexible as possible. 

Oedipus 🍺

Graphic Design & Illustration

I had the privilege of working at Amsterdam-based Brewery Oedipus and being part of so many amazing projects. Dive in into their colourful world and see what I did for them!


Brand identity design

Brand Identity & Web design for the surfcoach Pepijn Tigges 

Waves forms💥

Touch design experiment

Series of forms I made as part of an exploratory for an ongoing project of translating sounds into visualizations. These didn’t quite work with the concept I had in mind, but I didn’t want to just file them away so I made this to celebrate the beauty you find in the process, the many equally valuable concepts that exist within the one you think you’re making.

4 Agreements

Graphic Design

I read a book recently called The Four  Agreements. The text and its lessons hit me deeply and I wanted to illustrate them both to help internalize their meaning through my own interpretation and as a form of honoring them through the ritual or repetition.

Time (Pt.1) 💫 

Art Direction & Visual Design

This project is a visual representation of my journey through understanding the concept of time. Using code and the software Processing, I created four forms that represent the four ideas that played the most pivotal role in my exploration of time: measurement, philosophy, art, and design. 

Anatomy of a Feminist: The Game! 🧠

Art Direction & Editorial Design

To discover more about the feminist body and what makes it tick, we broke down the primary organs, which in a feminist’s body are much larger than normal, and the reasons they’ve been activated so often. 

Beyond zine🏝 

Art Direction & Editorial design

The entirety of the visual identity is based of multiple different elements which are unique on their own. All the elements can be pull apart, and puts back together and they work to create a visual consistent and familiar language.

Lick Me!🎨

Graphic Design

Have you ever felt the urge to lick something you knew wasn’t edible? I created this project to unpack that semiotic impulse to find the forms that most strongly trigger the impulse to lick.

Before the Waves 🌊

Editorial Design & Art Direction

Before The Wave is a magazine that explores the connection between surfing, design, and religion.

Surf Posters✌🏼

Graphic Design

From the project Before the Waves you can find here, the surf posters & the booklet with illustrated surf rules that complete the magazine.

Bacteria World 🌿

Graphic Design

For this project, I challenged myself to create oddly enticing visualizations of unenticing subjects, beginning with plant diseases. Each poster represents a different plant disease.

Motion Poster Exhibition ☄️

Graphic Design & AR

I was asked to create the poster for my design academy’s final degree show  a show where first year, second year and third year students exhibit their work side by side.

Break the X 🏃🏼‍♀️

Editorial Design & Illustration

Growing up, the children’s books I read taught me that certain sports, like football, were for boys, and others, like gymnastics, were for girls. I created this children’s book to break these gender stereotypes and show young girls that they can play any sport they want.

Between the lines🏄‍♀️

Editorial Design & Illustrations

A surfboard story: every surfboard has its own story. We live different adventures even if we are in the same place. These surfboards area diary of some surfer’s personal adventures.

Illustration 🌝

7 Queer little planets🪐

Zine design & Illustration

These 7 planets represent the journey I took to accept myself and my queerness.

How to be a roll model 🛹

Illustration & Design

‘How Be A Roll Model’ is a  short film, directed by Al Lewis, premiering this Saturday, March 6th on @girlsareawesome. I designed all the illustrations for it.

New wave session 🌈

Illustration & Design

Poster design for the queer skating community: @Newwaveskate

Dancing Houses 🏠

Illustration & Animation

Dancing houses is an animation project I created in quarantine. In certain moments the houses,  appeared to dance with all the new life inside of them. 

Robsie Concert Artwork 🎤

Illustration & Brand Identity

I created this artwork for American band Robsie’s concert at the Empire Control Room in Austin, Texas. The concert has been postponed due to COVID-19, but I look forward to updating these pieces and getting them out on the streets as soon as the dates are rescheduled.

Robsie Brand Identity 👁

Brand Identity & illustration

I developed a new visual concept for the amazing Robsie band in Austin, Texas. The eye is the main symbol, it changes because it symbolizes their band changing through the years. Also, I had the honor to translate Robsie’s beautiful voice and lyrics into a visual concept for the release of their new songs.

Alphabet 🆎


Dyslexia has given me a unique relationship with the alphabet. This alphabet is a celebration of the unique way my brain plays with letters.

Illustration ✍️

These are a series of illustrations that I have been doing in quarantine. Some became posters, t-shirts, and other fun objects.

Quarantine Posters 🗾

Illustration & graphic design

In quarantine, I piloted an experimental concept: drawing meditations. Every Sunday, I lead a new drawing meditation aimed to open those who don’t draw on a daily basis or think aren’t good at it up to the world of drawing. I created these posters to promote the experiment.

I-Motions 👀


This project is a study of the connection between eyes and emotions. It began with a simple hypothesis: emotions are energy in motion. 

Fizzy Pop! 🍾


I illustrated the new grape hunter wine called Fizzy pop! FIZZY POP is here! A natural sparkling wine, unfiltered, unfined without added sulfites, made by way of Method Ancestral. It’s super fresh and fruity with white peach and blossom combined with citrus touches, and we’ve got some sweet notes of cinnamon and caramel as well!

Murals 🌞

Love is a terrible thing to hate 🌈

Live painting & illustration


Growing up queer is an alienating experiences. For those of us like me who grew up in small towns, we spent most of our adolescence hiding who we were to conform to a society that repeatedly reinforced the idea that being gay was not ok.

Coming out and finding your community feels like discovering a whole galaxy of other aliens like you who love and accept you as you are, when the whole time you thought only your planet existed. This piece is a celebration of that feeling – being unapologetically yourself, out loud, in as many spaces as you can, surrounded by a loving, vibrant and proud community.

Painted for Widen+Kennedy, Pride 2021

Capricho Café Mural & Exhibition 🍕

Live painting & illustration

I illustrated this custom mural for Capricho Cafe in Amsterdam, in December 2019. Capricho Cafe and I, also came up with a concept for an Exhibition called “Mindful Outlook” in June 2020

Time (Pt.2) 🌑

Live Painting & Performance

In this exploration of time, the second piece in my time series, I will leave behind the digital representation I created in my first piece to begin a new journey and explore a different experience of it. Through drawing lines, elements and symbols I will explore an alternative reality where time seems to stand still while the world keeps on going.

In the meantime 🌻

In our collaborative mural we explore the concept of ‘mean time’, meaning everything that
happens whilst you narrow your focus on something specific. We want to illustrate the non stop activity , the alternative realisations that is happening all around us, and the sacrifices we often make from focusing on individual things which take us away from a real appreciation for everything that is in front of us.

I am so proud and grateful for this collaboration and how my friend @dtrkellas organized an amazing event

WorldSurfCamp Mural 🏖

During my summer travel in Spain, I got commissioned to paint the whole WorldSurfcamp in La Coruña. Lots of white walls, lots of fun!