9. Beyond Zine

This Zine was born during my trip to the Açores. Exploring the island felt like having a conversation with nature. The trees, the lake, the coast, the leaves, all seemed to reveal lessons that I would record in my journal daily as I traveled.

Every night, I would read these encounters out loud to my partner, Steph Morrow, who was in Amsterdam at the time and writes poetry. When I came back, we decided to bring these stories to life together in a zine.

It all began one day in Lisbon.
Surrounded by the concrete of the city
I realized I had lost my connection
to the natural world.
I could no longer see
the tree that my wooden chair
once had been, could no longer
feel the soil under the pavement
on my street. I knew then
and there that I had to throw my body
back into the wilderness to find my truth again. And that’s exactly what I did.

Copyrights: Steph Morrow & Astrid Niari