1. COC_Jong&Out

I worked as part of an all queer team to re-launch Jong & Out, the first ever properly age-gated social media network for queer teens under the age of 18 started by the world’s oldest queer non profit, The COC. It was created to directly combat the mental health issues that plague queer teens as a result of social isolation.

Our team spent 8 months developing a 360 campaign that included social, influencer activations, film, photography, a custom snap lens and a new brand look and feel. As a queer adult, it was incredible to use my art direction to give back to the community in the most meaningful way that I could.

Jong&Out is a vital resource for queer teens. We made sure the design reflects their world, using a vibrant and inclusive visual system. The color palette is bright and resembles a pride flag. We followed  WCAG accessibility guidelines for full inclusion to ensure legibility with colourblind or visually impaired audiences. We created design elements that teens can use on social media, including stickers and gifs. The logo treatment is rounded for a softer feel and can be customized for local chapters. The typeface is friendly and welcoming. The redesign was applied to the mobile and web app, as well as social channels. We're proud to have created a distinctly queer design world that connects queer kids to important support.

Thanks to OMD, our J&O campaign received free media space, including DOOH placements throughout the Netherlands. These placements, including DOOH and video in Amsterdam's central station, ran throughout the entire summer.


CLIENT - @cocnld , @zinzynimako @malouvoskuilen
Director - @i.am.gianna.thelabel
DoP - thomasvankrugten
Photographer - @rubycruden

Chief Strategy Officer - Steph Morrow - @steffimorrow
Business Director - @gemltrounce
Account Director - @fiona.salem
Executive Creative Director - @franmarchesi
Creative Director - @james.holdsworth
Art Director - @astrid_niari
Production Lead - @mathildegrenod
Copywriter - @sgoldstoff
Creative Consultant  - @danichaleliveld
Strategist - @_backinthekitchen

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2. Klabu

New Film for the launch of the New Amsterdam Spirit!

This is a short film about Klabu’s community, The 'Amsterdam Spirit' club shirt was designed together with the community of newcomers (refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants) and locals in Amsterdam. The badge symbolises communities coming together, the shirt colours reflect diversity and inclusivity, and the butterfly pattern stands for transformation and growth.

Thanks to @hetketelhuis we launched the film on big screen for the community and supporters and with the support of @jeanmineurmediavision, the film will be broadcasted as a commercial in cinemas across the city, helping Klabu build new bridges between newcomers and locals.

I have also created these small animations to give the film more texture and energy.

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Organisatie: KLABU
Founder: Jan van Hövell
Creative Director: Kelvin Govey
Creative: Tom Bird
Amsterdam community managers: Lisa Elsenburg, Mohamed Bah en Ousmane Cissé
Badge ontwerp: Jasper Gottlieb, Kelvin Govey en KLABU Amsterdam community

Agency: HERC, onderdeel van ACE
Executive Creative Director: Emilio de Haan
Managing Director: Clare Pickens
Art Director: Astrid Niari
Producer: Cherise Basiran

Productie: DPPLR
Director: Mikki Sindhunata
DOP: Simon Meesters
Producer: Jimi Visser
Gaffer: Levien
Art Director: Cindy Bakker
Styling: Perrine Philomeen
MUA: Evgeniya Polevaya

Post productie
Grading: Qianwei Tong, Captcha!
Edit: Samantha, Studio Radijs
Online Editor: Laura Brouwer
VFX: Ton Habraken, Swaen Nouwen, The Compound
Sound Design: Niels den Otter, Audentity Majdy
Voice-over: Willem de Bruin, Ian Alken
Motion Graphics: Astrid Niari, Nick Fatouris

3. O’Neill & Byborre

O’Neill has connected with Amsterdam-based textile studio BYBORRE for a limited-edition capsule that utilizes recycled materials and custom prints. We shoot the O’Neill & Byborre new collection.

Art Director: Claudia Dader
Assistant Art Director: Astrid Niari
Photographer: Vincent Merino


4. Transcendental Playgrounds

An utopian visual exploration through AI of how sports could look in the liminal space between the real and the surreal, in which anything and everything can be a stadium and everyone with a body can be an athlete.


5. Invisible Surfers